Monday, August 16, 2010

The Way of The Dragon by Enterbay

When I first saw Enterbay’s Bruce Lee figure I was blown away with the uncanny resemblance to the late martial arts superstar. It was like Bruce Lee was alive once more! This is probably the best Bruce Lee figure that I have ever seen in my entire life and I would like to applaud Enterbay for producing such a magnificent figure.

Unfortunately this is not mine, however I am currently the designated keeper of this fine piece and was given unlimited photo opportunities as well so I am going to enjoy giving Bruce the pictorial that he deserves.

This version, which is called The Way of The Dragon, is very nicely packaged with several extra hands, 2 nun chucks and a chopstick. You can do a variety of poses with the extra hands. This is what I like with Enterbay; they make sure you get the best out of your money. The box itself acts as a backdrop (wall design) that makes it a cool accessory. Good job people!

It’s already sold out ($ 250.00) at Enterbay’s website so your best bet is the secondary market. My friend bought this for around $350.00.

PhoTOYgrapher’s Perspective:
When Enterbay produced the Bruce Lee figure they probably had in mind us photographers. In my personal opinion, there is no Bruce Lee figure out there that can compete with what Enterbay has done to the legendary martial arts superstar.

The inclusion of several extra hands lets you do several trademark poses of Bruce Lee. Never have I seen so many hand accessories in a toy.  The eyeball rolling system, which is a trademark by Enterbay is awesome. You can adjust how the yes will look simply by moving the levers inside the head. Imagine that menacing fighting look of Bruce Lee and you can duplicate that.

The box that turns into a backdrop is an excellent idea by Enterbay. At leas the box is not store forever in the attic.
The Setup:
Here is a diagram of how Bruce was phoTOYgraphed. I basically used 2 lights here, a 400 watts Rimelight and a 180 watts Jinbei, both fitted with a rectangular and octagonal softbox.
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  1. pwede nang studio ang opisina mo!

  2. er wala kasing laman kay ginawa kong mini studio he he

  3. wow! ur photography skill is awesome!
    very nice shoots...
    whats your name in Facebook, can i add you?

  4. Thank you for the kind words, but I am just an ordinary photographer. Kindly email me @

  5. I might need to make me a set up like this. I really enjoy your pictures.